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Ampiam Yearly Gold Protection Plan

Ampiam Yearly Gold Protection Plan

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Isn't it time you had a hearing expert at your fingertips?

Imagine being able to:

  • Get 5 star quality on-demand support for your hearing needs.
  • Being able to pick up the phone talk to a hearing expert or schedule a repair with technical support. Hassle free.
  • Getting your hearing to where it needs to be is already complex enough.
We are here to make your journey to better hearing as smooth as possible by holding your hand throughout the process. 

    Now there is even better way to protect your hearing.....

    We are so confident you'll love our products, we are willing to extended you this warranty. We don't play games with your hearing. 

    What is the Soundak Yearly Gold Protection Plan? 

    Our protection plan will give you everything you need to have your hearing needs taken care of with a mixture of loss, and damage protection along with on demand support.

    You'll be surprised to learn that most hearing aids purchasers need ongoing technical support for their hearing units while they are at home or abroad. 

    This is a members club for individuals who value the quality of their hearing. The Soundak Yearly Gold Protection Plan is built with rigorous standards and is intelligently designed to fit your needs.


    • 1 on 1 phone support with a hearing expert
    • Yearly Protection Plan
    • Technical Support with Decades of experience 
    • International toll free number
    • Stay connected anywhere
    • Talk on the phone with a human 
    • Get peace of mind 
    • Solve hearing problems quicker 
    • Get discounts on upgrades 
    • Pay deductible in case of loss 
    • Get damage protection
    • Chat support 
    • Email support
    • No more waiting around for answers 
    • Instant access to our hearing experts

    Need On Demand Support via phone, email or chat? 

    We offer practical, low cost solutions to better hearing. That's what we are here to do. We help troubleshoot your issues, concerns or needed repairs or returns for your hearing units such as: 

    • Dead unit
    • Too soft 
    • Too sharp
    • Buzzing
    • Static
    • Shell cracked
     • Volume control/button not working
    • etc

    Maybe you just have a question or concern you want answered right away and want to talk to someone who is actually willing to help.  The Soundak Gold Protection Plan Includes one yearly product tune-up.  

    Want to upgrade your unit?

    If you have this plan you upgrade to a higher priced model with 20% OFF of the total price.

    Damaged Your Unit?

    Soundak offers full coverage for all types of accidental damage (except loss)  100% parts and labor (for damaged parts and not for cleaning service)

    This plan covers any defects or malfunctions (defects/malfunctions from manufacture
    Earwax buildup is not covered here and will incur a $59/single or $99/pair per fee 

    If we can't fix it, we will replace your hearing aids for the same model or exchange you to a similar priced pair (up to once a year) Free troubleshooting we provide help over the phone as many times as you like with Technical support or with one of our hearing experts during our business hours. 

    Lost or misplaced Your Unit?

    There is 35% deductible if you lose your unit (30% of the total price of the replacement, same model*We understand how important your hearing aids are to your quality of life.

    Why we are qualified

    Upon arrival at our hearing aid repair lab, our technicians perform a detailed inspection and diagnosis of each hearing aid before repair work proceeds. Soundak repair technicians evaluate ALL of your hearing aid components, including the microphones, volume control, speaker, wires, switches, buttons, processor, etc.
    Over 22 years experience repairing ALL brands, types and styles of hearing aids. For those who depend on hearing aids for better hearing, we provide an inexpensive and reliable alternative to a local hearing aid office.  Local hearing aid offices don't do their own hearing aid repairs in-house, they send them off to a hearing aid repair lab, similar to ours. This added layer of administration adds additional cost and turnaround time to you, the consumer. Using Soundak Hearing Aid Repair Lab eliminates this additional layer of expense and time. The benefits of repairing your hearing aids with us include:

    There isn't great online/on-demand support in the market. 

    The truth is that not many hearing companies live up to expectation and they fall short on their promises. 

    We are about to change all that....

    Due to the quality of our customer care we only offer our protection plan to Soundak customers. Ensuring a limited amount of warranties that we are able to offer in order to cater great service to our existing customers. 

    Join thousands of other hearing aid customers in making the right decision for their hearing by joining our Yearly Gold Protection Plan. 

    You get all these benefits . Ask yourself if you can't afford not to do this.  

    This invitation will not be extended again!

    This plan can only be purchased at the time of purchasing a new hearing aid (Soundak Gold Protection Plan is only good for the hearing aid that was purchased with the Soundak Gold Protection Plan

    Oftentimes, in the progression of a hearing aid failure, your local hearing care provider may simply tune your hearing aid up louder and louder to compensate for the deteriorating components. When Soundak Hearing Aid Repair Technicians replace these parts, we are in fact restoring the hearing aid to a "like new’’ condition. However, we do NOT have your specific audiological information to readjust the repaired hearing aid sound settings to match your hearing loss. If the hearing aid is too loud or feedback (whistling) occurs (a direct result of more amplification), additional sound adjustments may be needed. If Possible, these adjustments should be made by a local hearing care provider.

    It's not your fault previous providers may have come up snort bringing you. better hearing solutions. It is well known that solving hearing issues can be complex. Were here to make it smooth.

    Don't get stuck with hearing issues before a vacation or right before an important event, meeting or holiday. Get peace of mind knowing our team is there to help you be present in your most important personal and business moments. 

    This protection plan is valid for up to 1 year after purchase date. It can be renewed for an additional fee. Our offer is simple no risk now, no risk later. There's absolutely no risk on your part only the promise of a warranty that delivers .  With one flat fee and you get all the coverage we promised. 

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