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ReSound Multi Mic

ReSound Multi Mic

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  • Extends the hearing range by up to 25 metres (80 feet).
  • Works like the ReSound Micro Mic and also doubles as a table microphone.
  • Connects with loop and FM systems.
  • Comes with mini-jack input to turn your hearing aids into headphones.
  • Slim design

ReSound Multi Mic

ReSound Multi Mic Remote Hearing Aid Microphone. Only $359 ea. from Full manufacturer’s warranty.  Stream voices and sound directly to your ReSound hearing aids. The ReSound Multi Mic enables you to hear more of everything. The voice of loved ones, business colleagues, teachers, even in noisy environments, you’ll hear crystal-clear.

The Resound Multi Mic hearing aid microphone offers a small, flexible solution to let you hear up to 80 feet away* without having to wear an extra device around your neck.

Place the ReSound Multi Mic horizontally on a level surface, such as the table, and it automatically switches to a mode optimized to pick up the voices of multiple speakers.

* clear line of sight

ReSound Multi Mic on table
ReSound Multi Mic ladies speaking in street

Use the ReSound Multi Mic for a variety of situations

For one-on-one situations clip the ReSound Multi Mic vertically on to the clothing of the person you want to talk to and enjoy the conversation, even in background noise.

Placed it horizontally on a table, and the Multi Mic turns it into a table microphone making it possible to hear what everyone around it is saying.

The Multi Mic also connects to loop and FM systems*, and has a mini-jack input for streaming audio from virtually any device with a headphones output.

*FM receiver required

ReSound Multi Mic Set Up Is Easy

Hear what’s being said, even on the other side of the room.

Don’t let your hearing loss limit your enjoyment at restaurants, college classes, community get-togethers family functions or business events. No matter if the speaker is on the other end of the table or the other side of the room, the ReSound Micro Mic can help you hear sounds you want to hear.

It’s Smart Hearing at its best!

ReSound Multi Mic Product Description

The ReSound Multi Mic is a premium quality portable device that streams speech and audio directly to your client’s hearing instrument. It offers:

• Exclusive and discrete design that is small and lightweight
• One-to-one speech streaming when worn by a single speaker
• Table microphone functionality, picking up speech from multiple speakers in its radius
• Pickup of teleloop signals via in-built telecoil
• Pickup of FM signals (Europin FM receiver required)
• Plug-and-play line-in mini jack connector (mixed mono) This plug-and-play device is effortless to use, and reliably improves signal-to-noise ratio and speech understanding in difficult listening situations where distance, background noise or poor acoustics is an issue.

It transmits the voice of a speaker(s) directly into your ReSound hearing aids without the need for any extra devices, such as cables, cords or necklaces. When placed horizontally on a table, the ReSound Multi Mic automatically switches into an optimized table mode to enable pickup of the voices of multiple speakers.

An additional real-life benefit is that, since the listener is not required to look directly at the speaker(s) during a conversation, he or she is free to perform dual attention tasks that normal hearing people take for granted.

In essence the ReSound Multi Mic extends the hearing range well beyond the reach of any hearing aid in a variety of situations, such as when having conversations:
• at home, at school or at work
• in the car
• while dining out

Additionally, being able to tap into tele-loop and FM signals (FM Euro pin receiver required) as well as offering line-in connection makes the ReSound Multi Mic the most versatile portable speech and audio streamer in the market.

Easy to connect

• Just press the pairing button on the ReSound Multi Mic, and open and close the battery door of the hearing instruments within 20 seconds to pair with the hearing instruments
• One time pairing procedure – once paired the ReSound Multi Mic stays paired with the hearing instruments.

ReSound Multi-Mic

ReSound Multi Mic

Easy to use

Simply turn the ReSound Multi Mic ON and switch the hearing instruments into streaming mode

  • Easy to recharge using the included charger
  • Talk time:
  • Microphone mode: Typical 11 hours
  • Line-in mode: Typical 11 hours
  • Telecoil mode: Typical 7 hours
  • FM mode: Typical 10 hours
  • When worn vertically (clipped on or worn on lanyard) it automatically switches into directional mode and minimizes background noise.
  • When placed horizontally on e.g. a table it automatically switches into a mode optimized for picking up the voices of multiple speakers
  • Plug-and-play line-in and FM functionality
  • Volume control adjustment for personal preference (incl. volume control lock)
  • Drop detector – mutes transmitted signal momentarily when dropped from heights above 75 cm (~30 inches)
  • Can be controlled via ReSound connected apps.
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
  • A smart, robust and reliable international standard that has a strong, clear and stable signNo synchronization issues between sound and image due to an unnoticeable 20ms delay
  • No need to wear an intermediary device, as the signal is transmitted directly to ReSound hearing aids.

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