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RAYOVAC Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 – Box of 60

RAYOVAC Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 – Box of 60

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How To Change A Rayovac Extra Size 312 Hearing Aid Battery Video

RAYOVAC, the #1 Manufacturer of Hearing Aid Batteries, now brings you Clear Sound Technology. Raising the benchmark of product innovation and providing consistent, quality performance through the whole life of the battery. Rayovac Extra Size 312 hearing aid batteries offer the perfect compromise between compact size and battery life, with an emphasis on a smaller size. They are sold in boxes of 60.

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Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 - Box of 60

  • 37¢ per battery
  • FREE Shipping
  • Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 , box of 60 batteries
  • Three Year Date Code- longest available
  • Larger Tab Design
  • World’s Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Battery
  • Made in U.S.A.
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RAYOVAC Extra Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries are engineered with an advanced formula that performs in the most power-hungry hearing devices. This long-lasting formula provides consistent, high-quality performance throughout the life of the battery.
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No Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longer**
Our improved battery design and formulation deliver more power to ensure no hearing aid battery lasts longer**. With Active Core Technology, our battery lasts up to two days longer than our previous formulation.


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Long Lasting, Guaranteed!

These batteries come with our four-year freshness guarantee so you can be confident in your purchase.


Made in the USA with US and Global Parts++

Rayovac has been manufacturing hearing aid batteries in Portage, WI for over 50 years. Through continuous investments and improvements, Rayovac is able to deliver new, innovative battery technology that features peak performance in today’s devices.

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Battery Chart

There are four different hearing aid battery sizes: 10, 13, 312, and 675. Manufacturers use an industry-standard color code to identify the battery size. Different battery sizes are used to power different types of devices. In general, the larger the battery the greater the power. You can find which type of battery your device requires by referring to your hearing device’s manufacturer’s manual.

Zinc air batteries use air as an active ingredient in fueling the battery. The peel off tab provides a seal that ensures freshness until the time of use. Once you peel or remove the tab off the battery, the air from outside of the battery begins to react with the zinc inside of the battery, this reaction is what charges up or powers the battery. To properly activate the battery, remove the tab and wait one to five minutes to allow air to fill and fully charge the battery, then, insert the battery into your hearing aid. Note: replacing the tab when the battery is not in use will not extend the battery life.When the tab is removed and the battery has been aired up properly, make sure that you are not forcing the battery door closed. Check that the battery is inserted correctly before closing the hearing aid battery door.
Tips and Tricks
  • Leave new batteries sealed in their original packages
  • Do not remove the tab on your zinc air battery until you are ready to use it
  • Store batteries at room temperature
  • A fresh battery has more power than an aged battery. Therefore, review expiration dates on the back of battery packages prior to purchase
  • Store and discard batteries in places that cannot be reached by infants or children
Things That Affect Hearing Aid Battery Life

Hearing aid batteries typically have a long shelf life (up to three to four years) if stored properly. Hearing aid batteries themselves are sealed by use of a sticker, which blocks oxygen from entering the battery and reacting with the zink inside. When the sticker is removed, oxygen enters the battery through small holes and reacts with he zinc, the battery then becomes “active”. After removing the sticker, waiting one (1) to five (5) minutes (allowing the hearing aid battery to fully charge up) prior to inserting the hearing aid battery into the hearing aid will provide a longer battery life.
Hearing Loss – The degree of a person’s hearing loss will also affect the life of a hearing aid battery.  As the severity of hearing loss increases, the hearing aid is required to provide more amplification. This increases the amount of current that the hearing aid requires, which reduces battery life.
Hearing Aid Use – Hearing aids have different amounts of battery drain and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Different hearing aid technology platforms and features can also affect hearing aid battery life. Wireless streaming will also cause a higher drain on a battery and shorten the battery lifespan.
Extreme Heat or Cold – Extreme cold temperatures will result in lower battery voltage. Extreme heat accelerates the chemical reaction in the battery itself. Both will reduce the lifespan of a hearing aid battery.
Storage – The ideal place to store hearing aid batteries is in a room temperature, dry location. Storage in the bathroom, refrigerator, and car are not recommended. Hearing aid batteries should be kept in their original packaging or in a “battery caddy”.Contact with metal objects like coins or keys can shorten or reduce battery lifespan.

Do not leave batteries within reach of children or pets! Hearing aid batteries can cause serious injury if ingested.

If ingested please contact the National Battery Ingestion Hotline immediately at 1-800-222-1222.

Disposal – All hearing aids batteries sold today are mercury free, meaning that they are environmentally safe and may be disposed of in regular the garbage. Do not burn.

About Rayovac Extra Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries

Why Rayovac?

Rayovac has spent over 110 years thinking about batteries so you can think about them less. That’s why when you purchase RAYOVAC hearing aid batteries, you’re getting a battery that’s backed by our three key promises:


Engineering powerful performance is what we’re passionate about. That’s why RAYOVAC is the battery that equals or outlasts the performance of any other battery.

110 years of battery perfecting experience and two production floor reliability tests ensure every battery we sell is optimized for your use.

A Fair Price – We know that 40+% of our customers are parents. That’s why RAYOVAC delivers powerful performance at a fair price.

With production facilities and offices scattered throughout America’s Midwest, we’re proud to provide over 850 American jobs through the production of RAYOVAC Batteries

When you find American made products without the sticker shock, that’s something to wave your flag and tell your friends about.

Rayovac Extra Size 312 Hearing Aid Battery Warranty

Hearing Aid Battery Money Back GuaranteeNot completely satisfied in the performance of our alkaline or hearing aid batteries? You’ll get your money back.* Call us at 1-800-891-6091 for further information on returning the required material, or send us (postage prepaid) the used batteries along with the original packaging and receipt to:

Rayovac Power Challenge:

P.O. Box 620992
Middleton, WI 53562-0992

Include a 3″ x 5″ card with your name, address, the reason for returning, and your signature.*

*Limit 1 per household. Refund up to $15. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. Only street addresses will be accepted- Sorry, we cannot mail to Post Office Boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions