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PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries

PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries

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How to Change a PowerOne Size 13 Hearing Aid Battery Video

  • PowerOne Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Long-lasting zinc-air batteries in a rustproof stainless steel case
  • 80 Zinc Air hearing aid batteries per box (ten packs of 8 batteries)
  • Top of the line German made batteries
  • 35¢ per Battery

1x PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries
Size 13 - Box of 80

PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 - Box of 80

PowerOne Size 13 Zinc-Air Mercury Free hearing aid batteries are top of the line. HearSource offers these premium hearing aid batteries at a very discounted price. PowerOne sets the industry standard in hearing aid batteries. Frequently suggested by hearing aid manufacturers and hearing care professionals, PowerOne brand batteries stand out among more conventional brands in providing longer life, and all around improved hearing aid performance (higher audio power, greater clarity, and better frequency response). PowerOne hearing aid batteries are Manufactured in Germany.  Each cell is upheld to the strictest of quality and safety standards.PowerOne hearing aid batteries have consistently delivered more reliable, stable, and sustained power to more hearing aids than any other battery in the world.Size 13 hearing aid batteries from PowerOne, come in orange packaging with orange colored tabs on the rear of each battery to reduce confusion between battery sizes which can appear very similar to each other. If you are looking for one of the cheapest prices per PowerOne battery on the Internet then you should choose this great value multi-pack (box of 80) option.
These batteries have a shelf life of at least three years. Take advantage of this discounted and competitively priced option.


  • 8 individually wrapped batteries per pack
  • 10 packs per box = 80 batteries
  • Completely Mercury Free
  • Size 13 hearing aid batteries
  • 1.45V
  • Made in Germany
  • High quality
  • Stainless steel construction
PowerOne hearing aid batteries are easy to install and offer long-lasting battery power to a broad range of hearing aid makes and models.

You can expect consistent and reliable power from every battery in every package.

Unlike all other batteries that use Tin that can rust and damage your hearing aid, the “PowerOne Hearing Aid (1.45V Dial Pack 8 pcs)” batteries are made of stainless steel. It uses air as a source of power and the tab provides a seal that ensures freshness until the battery is ready for use. To activate the battery, simply remove the tab, wait one to five (1-5 minutes) minutes to allow air to activate the zinc in the battery and insert the battery into your hearing aid. PowerOne is the highest quality and safest batteries for you and your hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Battery Chart

Zinc-Air MERCURY-FREE Hearing Aid Batteries

Things That Affect Hearing Aid Battery Life​

Hearing aid batteries typically have a long shelf life (up to three to four years) if stored properly. Hearing aid batteries themselves are sealed by use of a sticker, which blocks oxygen from entering the battery and reacting with the zink inside. When the sticker is removed, oxygen enters the battery through small holes and reacts with he zinc, the battery then becomes “active”. After removing the sticker, waiting one (1) to five (5) minutes (allowing the hearing aid battery to fully charge up) prior to inserting the hearing aid battery into the hearing aid will provide a longer battery life.
Hearing Loss – The degree of a person’s hearing loss will also affect the life of a hearing aid battery.  As the severity of hearing loss increases, the hearing aid is required to provide more amplification. This increases the amount of current that the hearing aid requires, which reduces battery life.
Hearing Aid Use – Hearing aids have different amounts of battery drain and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Different hearing aid technology platforms and features can also affect hearing aid battery life. Wireless streaming will also cause a higher drain on a battery and shorten the battery lifespan.
Extreme Heat or Cold – Extreme cold temperatures will result in lower battery voltage. Extreme heat accelerates the chemical reaction in the battery itself. Both will reduce the lifespan of a hearing aid battery.
Storage – The ideal place to store hearing aid batteries is in a room temperature, dry location. Storage in the bathroom, refrigerator, and car are not recommended. Hearing aid batteries should be kept in their original packaging or in a “battery caddy”.Contact with metal objects like coins or keys can shorten or reduce battery lifespan.Do not leave batteries within reach of children or pets! Hearing aid batteries can cause serious injury if ingested.
Disposal – All hearing aids batteries sold today are mercury free, meaning that they are environmentally safe and may be disposed of in regular the garbage. Do not burn.

We offer PowerOne proven zinc air hearing aid batteries in a mercury-free version. PowerOne will thus live up to its claim to be one of the most environmentally friendly hearing aid battery.

Previously, only traces of mercury were contained in PowerOne zinc air batteries, today PowerOne zinc air batteries are free of ALL mercury.


Sizes 13 and 312 are now wireless approved for modern hearing aids.

PowerOne MERCURY-FREE cells are manufactured in the world’s largest and most up-to-date hearing aid battery plant in Ellwangen, Germany.

PowerOne provides eco-friendly battery technology, produced under clean room conditions, with an Enhanced Safety & Performance housing coating.

PowerOne MERCURY-FREE cells are manufactured using only high-grade and refined raw materials. Their energy management system is certified in accordance with ISO 50001. With the new international standard, energy consumption and energy policy are placed center stage.

PowerOne MERCURY-FREE means, for you, hearing aid energy with premium performance and durability – of course with the patented stable high level of voltage that power one provides.

Type Designation p10 p13 p312 p675
Type No. 24610 24606 24607 24600
Voltage (V) 1.45 1.45 1.45 1.45
Electrochemical system Zinc air Zinc air Zinc air Zinc air
Diameter (mm) 5.8 7.9 7.9 11.6
Height (mm) 3.6 5.4 3.6 5.4
Weight (g) 0.3 0.83 0.58 1.83

Why Zinc Air technology?

Zinc air batteries have an especially high energy density and exhibit an almost flat drain curve. They are therefore the ideal power supply, especially for today´s digital hearing aids.

The air holes of the battery are initially sealed with a protective tab. They are kept in this way, in an “inactive state”, until they are needed. The inherent self-drain of zinc air batteries with protective tab attached amounts to a mere 3% a year. The film is removed when the battery is inserted into the hearing aid. After several seconds of activation time, the battery begins to produce current.

In the activated state (with protective tab removed), zinc air batteries can only be stored for a limited period and should be used as quickly as possible.

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