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Widex Hearing Aids Official Guide [Models, Features, Prices + Reviews]

Widex is a household name within the hearing aid community. For anybody suffering from hearing loss, this brand presents a range of options in devices and accessories for hearing aid. For users who are shopping for their first hearing aid, it can be a challenge to decide which device best suits your lifestyle. This guide will dive deep into Widex Hearing aids and unpack their features and functionality.

Widex Hearing Aid Models

A hearing aid is a very close companion for the user. It is imperative to pick carefully when in the market for a hearing device, whether as a first-timer or a regular who wants to try something new. Widex is one of the most credible brands in the market, with more than six decades of practical experience under their belt. Some of the most popular Widex hearing aids in 2021 are:

  1. Widex Moment
  2. Widex Beyond
  3. Widex Evoke
  4. Widex Unique 

Widex Moment

The Widex Moment was released into the market in March 2020, making it the most recent Widex brand model. Widex MOMENT is available in three Behind-the-ear models and three In-the-ear models. The device was specially crafted to deliver pure, natural sound with no lag between the sound source and the wearer's eardrums. This is possible because of Widex's PureSound and ZeroDelay technology. The Widex Moment also gives users the liberty to personalize their listening experience through the SoundSense Learn machine learning function.

This high-tech hearing aid is available in four variants, the WIDEX Moment 110, 220, 330, and 440. You can find the WIDEX Moment available on other stores for a cost between $2,071 to $3,539.

Widex Evoke

The older WIDEX Evoke was launched in the middle of 2018, with selected variants that offer Made-For-iPhone connectivity. It also features the trademark Widex SoundSense Technology for a smart and personalized listening and hearing experience. Widex has also declared that its Evoke is "the world's first smart hearing aid," claiming that Evoke's Fluid Sound Controller supports it.

Widex Evoke can typically cost between $1,832 to $3,439 per ear, depending on the tier and model.  

Widex Beyond

The Widex Beyond was Widex's first attempt at producing a Made-For-iPhone hearing aid created by Widex. BEYOND has a range of functions that allow compatibility with Widex's DEX suite of wireless devices. The hearing aid also supports telecoil functionality, a handy feature that enables wearers to use hearing loops.

Widex Beyond is available for anywhere between $1,653 for the 110 tier and $3,183 for the 440 level.

Widex Unique

Released in 2015, Widex Unique hearing aids use a sound processing classification system called Widex Sound Class Technology. This tech feature classifies listening environments into nine separate categories, allowing it to identify the wearer's sound circumstances. 

The Widex Unique also boasts a Wind Noise Attenuation system for reducing wind noise and a Soft Level Noise Reduction system for intensifying and understanding speech in environments with constant background noise.

The Widex Unique costs between $1,200 to $2,500 on other competitor sites.

Widex Hearing Aid Models

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Widex hearing aids have a range of technologically-advanced features designed to give the wearer a better hearing experience.

Reduce Background noise

Many Widex hearing aids can remove background noise and help users focus on speech in noisy environments.

Rechargeable Battery

With rechargeable batteries, Widex eliminates the cost and need for single-use batteries. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity allows Widex hearing aid users to connect to mobile devices, laptops, and TVs to ease streaming and remote access.

Mobile Phone App

Recent Widex hearing aid models offer access to a dedicated mobile app for remote control of hearing aid functions.

Widex Hearing Aid Discounts

Widex Hearing Aids Reviews

There are several reviews for Widex hearing aids available online.

Reviews on Facebook & Google

"I love my Evoke 440 hearing aids. I finally feel like I can engage in any type of listening environment. I struggled with noisy restaurants and loud music in the background. Since I have had my Evoke devices, I can now understand the conversations at the dinner table. I am also glad I do not have to go back to the audiologist often for any adjustments. The hearing aids adapt to any listening situation I am in meetings, restaurants, and social gatherings." -Barbara New Jersey, USA.

"I am a hot air balloon pilot in Toronto and lost hearing due to burner noise. Widex was always better for sound quality and unique programs accessible on my cell phone. Worth the slightly higher price." -Ernie L. Ontario, Canada

"The hearing aids work well to allow me to hear higher frequency sounds that are lost to me because of machine noise in the past. My GP had recommended I see an audiologist and be tested because of the hearing loss." -Edward M., New York, USA.

"I am very happy with my Widex Evoke hearing aids. I use the TV Play device, which streams directly to my hearing aids when watching television. I also like the fact that my cell phone stream to my hearing aids greatly improved my ability to hear callers. I hear conversations in crowded areas much better with my aids. My batteries last about a week."

-Dennis, Illinois, USA

"I am absolutely ecstatic with my new devices. The music is crystal clear and realistic, and a phone app with the built-in equalizer is really amazing. I can discriminate words very, very clearly, and my devices learn my environment if I change the volume in the same place three times. Once fitted properly, I highly recommend these devices." -Fred, Florida, USA.

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