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Getting your initial set of hearing aids is life-changing and dramatically improves your hearing health. Finding the comfortable set of hearing aids that fits your lifestyle and improves your whole life, though, is the next level. That’s where Soundak comes in. We’re a premier online hearing aid company that offers remote programming and unlimited support. It’s time to take your hearing health back!


Hearing health is vital, and it affects more than your ears. Hearing loss has a wide variety of health consequences that you can avoid with hearing aids. Without them, you’re at increased risk for everything from falls to cognitive decline.


Contrary to the media, hearing loss does not mean completely deaf. You can still pick out sounds and voices with varying degrees of success. With hearing aids, you don’t need to strain, focus on sounds, or read lips. I want to be honest his hearing actually healed.


Without proper hearing health, you are at risk of becoming lonelier. Not being able to hear your friends and participate as you’re used to affects your mood. This effect tends to be cumulative, so we encourage everyone experiencing hearing loss to act now.


Part of cognitive decline is decreased stimulation. Your hearing aids allow you to receive audio stimulation, which your brain then works to process. Even if you do nothing with the audio information, it’s still helping your brain. This can slow cognitive decline related to conditions such as dementia.


Even mild hearing loss increases your chances of falling. In fact, when hearing loss first develops, it can up to triple the chances of a fall. Falls carry their own health risks, such as increased depression, broken bones, increased risk of death. Taking care of your hearing health signifies you can lessen your chances of becoming a statistic.


You don’t need to worry about missing an important piece of information in conversation or something essential in the environment. That translates into confidence that you’re in the right place.


One of the facts of our society is that the able-bodied are more employable. Hearing loss is seen as a negative in the workplace, especially if it’s uncorrected. By choosing hearing aids, you  improve your chances of remaining regularly employed, which in turn increases your lifetime earning potential.


Sometimes, wearing hearing aids is simply about enjoying your life. Whether that’s talking with your children, watching TV with a partner, or enjoying a solitary hike in the woods, the little things make life worth living. Taking care of your hearing health allows you to enjoy these things stress-free.


Your hearing health is important, and we at Soundak want you to have the hearing health you need. We offer premier online service and support on every hearing aid we sell, without catches or contract wiggling.

Part of the reason we founded Soundak was the prices of hearing aids. A doctor wanted $7,000 to outfit my husband, and that didn’t include the ongoing tuning. We searched for alternatives but couldn’t find one. We ended up founding Soundak so that we could cut out the go-betweens with online hearing aids.

Soundak also offers a variety of hearing aids and accessories. This helps our customers find the hearing aid that’s right for them without having to shop a dozen distinct sites with different policies. We know how frustrating that is, and we didn’t want it for you too.

Our other major issue with conventional hearing aid shopping was the programming. Initially, the doctors wanted my husband in the office frequently for reprogramming, which cramped our lifestyle. Soundak partners with companies skilled in providing remote support, on-demand. In fact, our partners have been doing this for more than two decades.

We also provide unlimited support for every hearing aid we sell. It doesn’t matter how much you need the hearing aids you bought online adjusted; our team is here to help. We stand by every hearing aid we sell, and that includes the warranties.

Soundak even offers financing for our online hearing aids. You can choose PayPal or Allegro, depending on your credit needs. With these options, improving your healing health is within financial reach for as little as $47 per month.

We encourage you to try our online hearing aids store, and we believe you’ll love it. We’re so confident at Soundak that we offer a full 45-day moneyback guarantee on every hearing aid we sell.