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Signia Hearing Aids Official Guide [Models, Features, Prices + Reviews]

Without question, Signia is one of the most recognizable and successful producers of hearing aids globally. The international company has an extensive product range, with styles and designs that fit just about anyone. However, It can prove challenging to sift through all the high-end options and features available for many newcomers in the hearing aid market. Within this guide, prospective hearing aid users will learn about the most advanced Signia hearing aids and their components.

Signia Hearing Aid Models

Signia is one of the largest hearing aid brands in the world. And they are recognized as pioneers in the hearing aid and sound amplification industry by being the first brand to adopt directional microphones and wireless ear-to-ear connectivity.

Signia provides customers with a range of Made-for-iPhone hearing aids that enable wireless audio streaming and popular models like the Signia Styletto, Signia Pure, and Signia Silk. These devices come in at different price points ranging from $1,199 to as high as $3,627. A Signia hearing aid’s potential cost depends on what model is chosen by the customer and any extra accessories or add-ons required.

signia hearing aid models

Signia Pure 

Signia Pure will prove to be a superior choice for users who prioritize a more natural sound compared to its contemporaries. The device offers a very effective solution for all types and severity of hearing loss; mild, moderate, severe, or profound. The Signia Pure is designed as a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid and has a large main body that rests behind the ear.

The Signia Pure is a pricey option as it can cost at least $2,299 per ear; however, it makes up for the extra cost with its high-end functionality. It is available in a range that boasts different designs and capabilities at each level; Pure Charg&Go X, Pure Charge&Go Nx, Pure 312 X, and Pure 321, Pure 10 Nx, and Pure 13 Nx.

Signia Styletto

The Signia Styletto is the go-to for fashionable consumers who prefer a sleek and elegant finish. It is a Receiver-In-Canal device like the Signia Pure. However, the Styletto’s main body lays discreetly behind the ear while the receiver fits snugly in the ear canal.

For the sake of the Styletto’s aesthetic finish, Signia had to forego several functionalities that can not fit in the sleek capsule. Therefore, audiologists only recommend the Signia Styletto for users with mild to moderate hearing loss. Regardless, the Signia Styletto still packs a punch with Bluetooth connectivity and directional microphones for balancing the sound. This hearing aid can range from $1,900-$2,200 per ear.

Signia Silk

Signia Silk is available in a progressive range that runs from 1NX to the Signia Silk 7NX. This hearing aid is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids. The Signia Silk Nx is a ready-to-wear instant-fit invisible hearing aid with soft silicone sleeves for firm hold in the ear canal.

Signia Silk Nx starts at $2,300. For a device that features wireless connectivity, the world’s first CROS CIC for people with hearing defects in one ear and OneMic directionality, this is a decent bargain.

Signia State of the Art Technology

Signia is a brand that exudes sophistication packed with functionality. Many of their products feature state-of-the-art technology from packaging design to different technological features.

Users enjoy advanced functions like Bluetooth connectivity, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, directional microphones, and on-hand smartphone apps for remote device control.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This is a handy function that allows users to stream sounds to their hearing aids directly from mobile devices and televisions. 

Signia App

The Signia App creates a hands-free experience where hearing aid users can directly control sound volume, clarity, and other features straight from their smartphones.

Directional Microphones

Directional microphones give users the option to focus on sound coming from one direction only, which can be very useful in noisy situations.

Signia Experience

Signia performs on equal levels to some of its main competitors in the market from a pricing perspective. The brand produces powerful devices that serve users faithfully in everyday situations.

Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Signia hearing aids typically come with rechargeable batteries, a feature that increases use time by a large percentage. With lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, customers are free from the hassles and extra cost of buying and replacing cell batteries. 

Signia Hearing Aid Reviews

Before you decide to buy a Signia hearing aid, you might be interested in learning about what their existing customers have to say. Reading reviews helps for further research and clarification on any unclear features. There are multitudes of reviews of Signia hearing aids available online. We have curated a few of them below; 

Reviews on Facebook

Kirk Conyers, on July 17, 2019, states:

“The ability to hear the conversation at a big table in a crowded restaurant using the spatial configurator is breathtaking. I can usually hear conversations better than the rest of the table.”

Reviews on Google

“I have had my Charge & Go 7nx hearing aid for only two days and they are great. I should have bought them sooner. Thanks for all the support. Keep up the good work. I would recommend Signia hearing aids for all my friends and family.”

Joe C. Mansfield, TX- via

Experiencing hearing loss?

Hearing loss can affect almost anyone at any stage in life. Some of the most common causes are loud noises, illness, medication side-effects, and in some cases, occupational noises.

Get a hearing test

If you are experiencing loss of hearing in one or both ears, the first thing you should do is have a test done. This will help you to determine if it is a temporary situation that doctors can fix through surgery. If your doctor confirms that it is more severe and permanent, Signia hearing aids can help you continue to lead an everyday healthy life.  

Simply upload your hearing test to our website, and we will recommend the best device for you. You can also do this at checkout for the proper programming of your new hearing aid.

Loss of hearing can be a concerning condition. However, Signia hearing aids are more than capable of taking on any form of hearing loss. At Soundak, we stock Signia hearing aids and many other similar brands. 

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