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What are Bluetooth Hearing Aids? [3 Best Rated Brands]

Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth has helped to make wireless hearing incredibly seamless. Before Bluetooth technology, non-wireless hearing aids were predominant in the market. Although non-wireless devices had their perks, they still adopted a hands-on approach. 

Bluetooth hearing aids improved upon the concept of hands-free technology. And this allowed users to perform various other tasks with their hearing aids such as making phone calls, and streaming videos, music, and podcasts directly to their hearing aids. 

If you're still caught in a dilemma on whether you should get Bluetooth hearing aids or stick to your old ones, this guide will go into detail on what Bluetooth technology is and discuss how it has revolutionized hearing aids.

What is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid?

Bluetooth is a technology that enables wireless communication and connection between two or more devices within close range. This technology uses radio waves, set to a high frequency, to transmit data without restrictions, interference, or security risks. With Bluetooth, devices can share resources and information through a secure connection.

Virtually all modern devices today support Bluetooth and can readily pair with Bluetooth hearing aids. Bluetooth has helped revolutionize hearing aids and done away with conventional plug-in connections.

How Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work?

Bluetooth hearing aids use a wireless communication platform that allows data transfer between two or more electronic devices. Asides from hearing aids, many other devices such as your mobile phone utilize Bluetooth.

Different mobile phone manufacturers tend to adopt unique styles when incorporating Bluetooth technology in their products. For instance, Apple Inc. uses a different kind of Bluetooth technology from most Android devices. So all iOS devices today possess specific Bluetooth connectivity that Apple Inc. has patented. With this, Bluetooth hearing aids can communicate directly with the iOS platform that functions on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Airpods, and other Apple devices. 

Most Bluetooth hearing aid manufacturers have released hearing devices that implement the Bluetooth technology for iOS, and these hearing aids are marketed as "Made for iPhone™. Google has developed a similar hearing aid compatibility standard for the Android platform. Now, hearing aid brands can stream to Android-based phones using a supported Android version. Moving on from mobile phones, devices called streamers have been created to help you stream sound from a television or speaker. 

As we can see, Bluetooth technology has many functions and probably consumes a lot of power. So the question now is; do Bluetooth hearing aid batteries last?

The answer to that question is yes. And all thanks go to Bluetooth Low Energy [BLE]. BLE was designed and created in 2004 to reduce power consumption for portable devices within range and help them maintain the quality of sound produced. However, when compared to their non-wireless counterparts, they drain faster.

Advantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

advantages vs disadvantages

Many benefits come with Bluetooth hearing aids. Some of the following advantages include:

Hands-free Convenience: The reason why Bluetooth hearing aids are so popular is that they eliminate hands-on experiences. You can perform functions like making phone calls and listening to music with your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid.

Customizable Streaming Experience: Bluetooth hearing aids are designed in such a way that they allow you to adjust the sounds they produce. This makes listening and audio streaming more convenient and seamless. You can easily shape and optimize the sound experience to match your preferences.

Durability: When Bluetooth hearing aids are taken care of properly, they can last anywhere between 3-7 years.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

bluetooth hearing aidsExpensive: Due to their remarkable functionality, Bluetooth hearing aids are often very expensive. And depending on the manufacturer, they can cost more.

Short Battery Life: Compared to hearing aids using other connectivity technologies, Bluetooth hearing aids might drain faster.

Streamer: Most hearing aid manufacturers do not produce universal Bluetooth hearing aids. This means that you will need to find a streamer that works with your device's platform to unlock your hearing aid's full functionality.

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aids

bluetooth hearing aidsLots of brands are manufacturing Bluetooth hearing aids at the moment, so it is crucial that you know the features of an excellent Bluetooth hearing aid. This will help you select a hearing aid that suits you. Below you will find the features that all good hearing aids share;

Rechargeable Batteries: Good Bluetooth hearing aids often come with rechargeable batteries as opposed to disposable ones. This guarantees durability over disposable battery Bluetooth devices.

Accessories: Accessories take personalization to a whole new level. An excellent Bluetooth hearing aid should allow you to connect to various accessories to help customize your experience.

Hearing Aid Styles: Choose the Bluetooth devices that allow various hearing aid styles.

Here are the 3 Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids in 2021

3 best bluetooth hearing aids

1. Signa Pure Charge & Go 5X 

Signa Pure is one of the best Bluetooth hearing devices. It offers universal connectivity and also uses a non-streamer for other devices. Accessories like StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV also make your Signia Bluetooth experience memorable.

2. Widex Evoke 440-Ric-312d

The Widex hearing aids provide seamless wireless Bluetooth connectivity with all devices. The device boasts a processing chip that features independent channel separation with filters that clean sounds and audio while streaming.

3. Resound LiNX Quattro 9

ReSound has been a pioneer for direct Android streaming. Now, this brand creates universally-enabled Bluetooth hearing devices. It has various accessories that will allow you to customize your hearing experience. For instance, the ReSound Phone Clip+ streams calls and audio from supporting devices, and also ReSound Mics can be placed on a podium during conferences.  

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