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Best Rated Invisible Hearing Aids – Discreet & Hidden

Invisible hearing aids are amongst the most sought after devices in the hearing and sound amplification industry. These devices are also referred to as discreet hearing aids, tiny hearing aids, or mini hearing aids. 

For someone trying out hearing aids for the first time, an invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid is often the preferred option due to the discreet and hidden quality it offers.

However, this type of discreet hearing aids does not suit every type and form of hearing defect. So before you make the decision in buying an invisible hearing aid, let us talk a bit about the composition of the next invisible hearing aids, how they work, and if they work for you.

invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing Aids - How they work & who they are for

Invisible hearing aids are small hearing aids that are hidden deep in the ear canal. They are sometimes called ‘invisible-in-the-Canal’ (IIC) hearing aids. These micro hearing aids are designed to be located deep inside the ear canal. Therefore, they are typically custom made for each wearer since everyone has different sizes and shapes of ear canals. 

Advantages of using Invisible Hearing Aids

Due to their small size, the first advantage of using an invisible hearing is its aesthetic appeal. For many first-timers who might be sensitive about their hearing loss, the most invisible hearing aid is a barely noticeable option to consider. No one will know you have a hearing aid on.

Also, because invisible hearing aids sit so deeply inside the ear canal, they help to preserve the natural resonant frequency of the specific individual wearing them. You will also retain your innate localization abilities due to the invisible hearing amplifiers’ positioning.

Who should use invisible hearing aids

Due to their small size, invisible hearing aids are not suited for everybody. The best invisible in the canal hearing aids usually operate with batteries that must be switched out every few days. The device might also exclude some extra technologies and will only cover the bare essentials. Therefore, the smallest invisible hearing aids are not recommended for people with severe hearing loss. They are only considered appropriate for individuals with mild to medium hearing defects.

If you have severe hearing loss and you would still prefer a discreet hearing device, try looking for the smallest behind the ear hearing aid that will offer you full hearing amplification and at the same time remain barely noticeable.

Another major con of the invisible hearing aid is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. It is rare to find a Bluetooth invisible hearing aid because they are designed to fit compactly into the ear. If Bluetooth functionality is something you prefer, then you can go for other conspicuous hearing aid models.

Best Rated Invisible Hearing Aid Brands

  • Signia Invisible Hearing aids- Silk Nx

Signia currently offers from the Signia Silk 1NX to the Signia Silk 7NX, one of the World’s smallest hearing aids. Unlike many other invisible hearing aids, which have to be custom made after you provide an impression of your inner ear canal, the Signia Silk Nx is a ready-to-wear instant-fit invisible hearing aid. It features soft silicone sleeves, which help the device to sit snugly and firmly inside ear canals or all shapes and sizes.

Other functionalities offered by the Signia Silk Nx include 

  • OVP technology - so your voice sounds natural.
  • OneMic directionality for improved speech understanding in background noise.
  • Wireless connectivity so the devices can be controlled with the touchControl App or the added miniPocket remote.
  • The World’s first CROS CIC for people with hearing defects in one ear.
  • Three different technology levels.

Although invisible hearing aids cost is known to run up into several thousands of dollars, the Signia Silk Nx is moderately priced with a starting price of $2,300. However, we offer all Signia hearing aids at up to 70% OFF. 

  • ReSound Invisible Hearing Aids- LiNX

The ReSound LiNX is more expensive than its Signia counterpart, with a starting price of $3,600. However, the LiNX is a great invisible hearing aid, making it suitable for use by people with severe hearing loss. 

That is not all. The LinX possesses numerous advanced features, living up to ReSound’s claim that it is one of the most progressive digital devices they have created. The ReSound LiNX possesses qualities that can identify speech in noise and automatic programming for background noise reduction. 

ReSound also provides the Sound by ReSound feature, which accommodates up to 360 degrees of sound, enabling your device to receive and amplify sound from every direction.

Other features include;

  • Spatial Sense technology that gives a natural sense of surrounding sounds
  • Binaural Directionality III to focus sound in complex listening situations.
  • Wind reduction of up to 9dB
  • Tinnitus masker program

The LiNX also has a dual function as headphones and is compatible for direct streaming with both Android and iOS devices. It can also be connected to the ReSound Smart 3D app for volume control and setting modifications.

  • Widex Invisible Hearing aids- EVOKE

The Widex EVOKE is acclaimed to be the world’s first and only truly intelligent hearing aid. This claim is backed by the device’s ability to analyze complex sound environments and react accordingly to changes to replicate natural hearing conditions.

The EVOKE is also capable of learning from the hearing experiences of every user. It achieves this with the aid of the novel SoundSense Adapt which learns from the users’ preferences and helps you build a more personalized sound.

Other features of the EVOKE include;

● Multiple wireless connectivity via WidexLink technology and TONELINK App

● Compatible with the DEX assistive listening devices

● 4 performance levels 440/330/220/110

● Uses a size 312 battery

● Protection class IP68

The EVOKE is small and discreet, comes with easy battery access, and is available in three different colors; light beige, dark brown and claybrown. .The Widex EVOKE is suitable for minimal to severe hearing losses and can sell for as high as $3,000 per piece.

Invisible hearing aids are perfect for those experiencing hearing loss and are looking for a more discreet option. It’s important to know which invisible hearing aid suits your lifestyle and fits your needs. Take our quick 5 min survey to see which hearing aid works best for you.