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Widex Evoke 440 [Hearing Aid Guide]

If you're looking for a hearing aid that is equipped with the latest technology, then you should definitely consider the Widex Evoke 440. 

The Widex Evoke 440 is one of the newest models from Widex, and it offers a lot of features that other hearing aids simply don't have. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this hearing aid and what it has to offer. 

widex evoke 440

Widex Evoke 440 Features

Many features come with the Widex Evoke 440, but some of the most notable ones are:

  • Sound Processing

The Widex Evoke 440 has the latest U-platform chip that processes sounds across 15 audio channels. The sound is adjusted so you may hear spoken sounds as clearly as possible. The Widex Evoke 440 has the most channels in the range and a "High-Frequency Boost" capability that is inaccessible on the other models. 

  • InterEar (IE) Technology

InterEar (IE) technology allows both hearing aids to function as a single system through instant wireless information exchange. The noise reduction, compression, and directionality settings on the two hearing aids can also be synced, enhancing performance while delivering a more natural listening experience.

  • Sound Class Technology

Although most hearing aids have various channels, what sets Widex Evoke apart is the use of "Sound Class Technology." This technology allows the hearing aid to identify the type of audio environment you are in from a list of pre-programmed options. 

  • Phone+

This functionality is only accessible on a stand-alone phone program, and it involves streaming the signal from your hearing aid to the phone to both hearing aids so you can hear better.

  • Wind Noise Attenuation

Widex asserts that the new wind noise attenuation feature it has developed is the best wind noise reduction feature available today. This means that Widex Evoke 440 can help you hear better even in the windiest of conditions.

  • Background Noise Reduction

Nowadays, all manufacturers include effective background noise reduction technologies in their hearing aids. However, Widex has unveiled a new feature that emphasizes lowering softer, low-level background noise that could be bothersome. This is in addition to the standard noise reduction Widex Evoke 440 already has.

  • Wider Dynamic Range Of Hearing

Additionally, Widex has expanded the dynamic range of hearing, enabling you to hear more clearly than before. Most hearing aids compress a range of sounds from soft to loud. They frequently ignore the slightest sound and have trouble processing louder ones.

By significantly widening that range, Widex Unique hearing aids allow you to hear low noises that most hearing aids overlook since they can process extremely faint sounds (5 dB). Thanks to this, you will be able to hear even the most little speech cues.

  • Tinnitus Management

Zen tones are a patented Widex function that may be used with almost all modern Widex devices to lessen tinnitus effects. As part of a tinnitus management program, these predictable but non-repetitive sounds are used to provide tinnitus relief for those who have, along with counseling and relaxation exercises.

  • Connectivity

The COM-DEX accessory is a Bluetooth-enabled device that you wear around your neck to communicate with other devices. This device can connect with your phone to help you stream audio directly into your hearing aids. Additionally, you can download an app for your smartphone (Android or Apple) that enables you to operate the hearing aids remotely.

Widex Evoke 440 Accessories

Now let's look at some of the accessories that come with Widex Evoke 440:


As mentioned earlier, the COM-DEX is a Bluetooth-enabled device that you wear around your neck to communicate with other devices. This can connect to devices such as your phone to help you stream audio.

  • TV Play

The TV-DEX offers you a distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aid.

  • RC-DEX

The RC-DEX is built for wireless remote control of the hearing aids.


The PHONE-DEX is a wireless phone that sends sound signals to your hearing aids.


Widex Evoke 440 App

widex evoke 440 hearing aid

The Widex Evoke 440 app lets users access a range of functions like:

  • Personalized hearing programs

These programs are designed to cater to your individual hearing needs and listening preferences.

  • Add locations to sound programs

Locations can also be added to sound programs so that the hearing aid automatically adjusts to different sound environments.

  • Adjust volume, mute, and control streaming

The app allows users to change the hearing aid volume and mute the hearing aids.

  • Adjust the directional focus and reduce background noise

The directional focus may be switched between narrow and broad, depending on the listening environment. This is especially beneficial when in a crowded area or attempting to concentrate on a specific sound.

  • Access SoundSense Learn to personalize your hearing in real-time

Widex Evoke 440 comes with SoundSense, which allows you to personalize your hearing aid in real-time. SoundSense Learn is an app that uses the power of AI to optimize your hearing aid according to your unique preferences.

  • Adjust the bass, mid or treble levels

You can easily adjust the bass, mid or treble levels with Widex Evoke 440.

  • Access the "Find my hearing aid" feature

In case you misplace your hearing aid, you can use the "Find my hearing aid" feature to locate it.

Widex Evoke 440 Colors

Widex Evoke 440 is available in the following options:

  • Titanium Grey

  • Tech Black 

  • Tan Silk 

  • Summer Gold

  • Sporty Red

  • Silver Grey

  • Shocking Pink

  • Pearl White

  • Mediterranean Turquoise

  • Lime Green

  • Deep Blue

  • Cappuccino Brown

  • Autumn Beige

Widex Evoke 440 Price

widex hearing aids

The price of the Widex Evoke 440 depends on where you buy it from. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3000 to $5000 per ear at most retailers, but we list the Widex Evoke 440 for only $1,726.99 per ear.

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